The SInQUE Study

The Social Inclusion Questionnaire - User Experience (SInQUE) is designed to assess social inclusion for people with mental health conditions. This website provides an online version of SInQUE, adapted for use by staff working in mental health supported accommodation services. It is designed to be completed by the supported accommodation worker together with the resident being assessed. It can help identify residents' needs and wishes for greater social inclusion, and guide care planning.

Completing an assessment will generate a report, which highlights areas where the person being assessed would like to be more socially included, how their scores on the SInQUE compare to other people living in the same type of accommodation and, if repeat assessments have been done, how the person's social inclusion has changed over time.

This online tool has been developed specifically for supported accommodation, but can be used by mental health staff in any setting.

For further information please download: