SInQUE was developed by a research team led by Professor Gill Mezey from St George's University London. This online version of SInQUE is being developed and tested in the "SUSHI Study": a research project led by Dr. Brynmor Lloyd-Evans from University College London. Both studies were funded by the NIHR School for Social Care Research.

For more information about the online SInQUE or the SUSHI study, please contact:
Dr. Brynmor Lloyd-Evans
Associate Professor, Division of Psychiatry UCL

St George's University London hold the copyright for the SInQUE assessment questionnaire and have licenced UCL to use the measure to develop this online assessment tool for use in the SUSHI study, and for non-commercial use in health and social care.

Two research articles about the development and previous use of SInQUE are:

Mezey, G., White, S., Harrison, I. et al. Validity, reliability, acceptability, and utility of the Social Inclusion Questionnaire User Experience (SInQUE): a clinical tool to facilitate social inclusion amongst people with severe mental health problems. Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol 55, 953-964 (2020).

Mezey G, White S, Harrison I, et al. 'Modelling social exclusion in a diagnostically-mixed sample of people with severe mental illness'. The International Journal of Social Psychiatry. 2021 Mar:207640211001893.